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ACLS Certification Online

ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) Certification offers holders of such distinction knowledge of several crucial, life-saving techniques. The following brief article discusses ACLS, how you can achieve ACLS Certification online, in addition to a number of other related topics.

How Can ACLS Certification Be Obtained?

You can receive ACLS Certification after completing a class that provides instruction on topics like the causes of cardiac distress and/or failure, as well as how to interpret critical information and react to specific emergencies when they present themselves. Course enrollees will study subjects including, but not limited to EKG and algorithm interpretation, respiratory arrest, ventricular fibrillation, capnography and the drugs often utilized in cardiac resuscitation. Upon completion of coursework, those seeking certification will be required to pass an exam demonstrating their mastery of pertinent skills and subject matter. Read more about ACLS Certification Institute here.

For Whom Is ACLS Certification Required?

Certification is mandatory for all healthcare professionals employed in a setting where life-saving cardiac care techniques may need to be utilized. One prime example is physicians and nurses working in the cardiac care units of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Another segment of professionals who must meet such requirements are emergency service workers like first responders.

Are ACLS Certification Courses Available Online?

If you are unable to enroll in a class offered in a brick and mortar institution like a hospital or school, online courses are available. It is important to note, however, that certification is recognized only upon completion of a class approved by the American Heart Association (AHA). Though numerous online certificate programs are offered, not all are approved by the AHA. Furthermore, the vast majority of hospitals and medical establishments will only accept you as ACLS certified upon successful completion of an AHA-approved program. Read more about how to get your ACLS certification online here.

The ACLS Provider Manual

Obtaining a copy of the most current ACLS study guide can help you get a jump on topics covered during class and serve as a reference to review specific important topics leading up to the final examination or for those seeking ACLS Recertification.
This resource, often referred to as the ACLS Provider Manual, includes comprehensive instruction and description of many topics such as how a student should properly prepare themselves to succeed in the course, any changes in established guidelines that might have taken place from one year to the next, pertinent surveys, the concept of team dynamics, the established systems of care in the event of cardiac arrest, stroke, or the presence of certain coronary syndromes; airway management, the proper management protocols for heart rhythm irregularities and the drugs used for resuscitative purposes.
The ACLS Study Guide can be purchased at several common book retail outlets either in-person or online. However, the particular entity with whom you are taking the online course may afford students the opportunity to download it for free, or for a nominal charge.

Can You Take An ACLS Practice Test?

Online students are permitted to take trial examinations. In fact, participating in such an activity is recommended by test administrators as a means of familiarizing themselves with the subjects that will be covered, but also in gaining an understanding of how specific questions will be presented. In certain instances, online tests will also be timed for the purpose of allowing the student to gauge how long he or she might need to complete the exam. In addition, most practice tests can be taken without charge.
Should you score below 80 percent, test administrators recommend conducting a thorough review of the Provider Manual and carefully studying the ACLS pretest answers prior to either taking another ACLS Pretest or registering for the actual final examination.

Is ACLS Recertification Necessary?

AHA-approved certification is good for two years following the successful completion of coursework and the passing of the final exam. To receive recertification, you must enroll in and successfully complete a recertification course. The recertification course is essentially an expedited version of the material learned in the original certification class. Should you desire, recertification can also be obtained by retaking a certification class.

Are There ACLS Classes Near Me?

If you plan to complete coursework online, there is no need to search for classes offered close to your residence. However, if you desire in-class instruction, finding out where such opportunities are available can be accomplished by utilizing different resources. The most convenient method of inquiry would be to conduct an internet search. This task can be undertaken by accessing any well-known search engine and entering words like “ACLS Certification” and your specific geographic location. The results will likely yield numerous options. This information may also be obtained by visiting institutions that would likely offer the certification course such as hospitals and medical clinics and inquiring about their availability.

How Much Do Certification Courses Cost?

Tuition prices vary depending on how the coursework will be administered (online or in-person), the particular institution offering the class and whether training is for original certification or recertification purposes. That said, in most instances, fees can range anywhere from $100 to $300.

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