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  • Consultant
  • Athletic Coach
  • TutorIQ
  • Tax Preparer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Medical Biller/Coder
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Blogger
  • Pet Sitter/Dog Walker
  • Hotel Concierge
  • Driver
  • Event Staff
  • Substitute Teacher or Aide
  • Wal-Mart Greeter
  • Help those less experienced than you
  • Share your expertise which only you have
  • Often, you can work from anywhere
  • Check with your tax accountant or legal staff to ensure your income is within a range that will keep your government assistance rolling in
  • You need expertise of some sort to get started

Athletic Coach

  • Instill good values in the nation’s youth
  • Connect with other members of the community
  • You get to toss a ball around occasionally and get paid for it
  • You cannot serve as an athletic coach from home


  • Make use of your unique field of expertise
  • Make a difference in the life of a young person
  • Be regarded as an expert in your community
  • Some tutors even work remotely, so you can potentially do this anywhere
  • You need a field of expertise, i.e. experience or specialized training

Tax Preparer

  • You can use your highly specialized professional knowledge
  • Everyone respects a tax preparer
  • You’ll have practice to be able to complete your own taxes
  • You’ll keep your brain sharp
  • You need to do your job with careful attention to detail or you can get in a lot of trouble for doing the job incorrectly


  • Lots of number crunching
  • A highly respectable profession
  • Every business needs a good bookkeeper, so you will always find work somewhere
  • Not for those who dislike number-crunching

Medical Biller/Coder

  • You don’t need to have medical training as a doctor or nurse
  • You can learn how to code or bill from relatively simple courses
  • You’ll make a decent salary or hourly wage
  • You need to know how to code

Virtual Assistant

  • Work from anywhere
  • Meet exciting people
  • Requires attention to detail
  • May sometimes need to handle sensitive data which carries big responsibility
  • Sometimes the person you’re assisting may be disrespectful or place lots of demands on you

Customer Service Representative

  • Great for a retiree who is a people person
  • Connect with a diverse group of exciting humans on a regular basis
  • Meet people from all walks of life
  • Doesn’t usually require lots of experience in a specialized field
  • Starting pay is generally among the bottom range of the jobs on our list
  • You need to love serving people


  • Work from anywhere
  • Express your opinions and get paid for it
  • Sometimes you can pick your topic of interest
  • You need great writing skills
  • You need some functional knowledge of computers and the web

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

  • Spend time with pets you love without being committed to them for the long-term
  • You get to meet new and interesting pets every day as well as recurring guests
  • You can streamline your services to take care of lots of pets at the same time and make more money
  • Caring for others’ pets is a big responsibility
  • There’s a lot of messy work involved in cleaning up after pets

Hotel Concierge

  • Create memorable experiences for guests
  • Deal with people when they’re in a great mood on vacation
  • Experience a high-class kind of customer (for the most part)
  • Sometimes, guest situations can get difficult to handle
  • Working for a hotel is a lot different from staying at one
  • You have to be ready to handle any situation a guest throws at you


  • Most retirees are already qualified
  • Rideshare apps make it easy to find work
  • Rideshare apps let you set your own hours
  • You get to travel to interesting places and meet new people
  • You can make a ton of money by getting licensed to drive a semi-truck or other specialized vehicle
  • Both independent driver employers and rideshare apps take a cut of your pay
  • Driving is a serious responsibility in which the safety of your client is in your hands
  • Some driving jobs require special licensing

Event Staff

  • Fun experience where you directly see the impact you make on other people
  • Great opportunity to meet new people
  • Great opportunity for those who love to serve others
  • Be a part of exciting events marking important milestones in people’s lives, like weddings or birthdays
  • Temp agencies are easy ways to land these jobs
  • You have to love serving people to take on a job like this
  • Hours can be long
  • You often have to serve lots of food without eating it

Substitute Teacher or Aide

  • Get involved in your local community
  • Make a difference while making money
  • You have to love working with kids
  • Might make an emotional connection and have to say goodbye to your students

Wal-Mart Greeter

  • Meet lots of fun people
  • Every day is different
  • Get paid to be your friendly self
  • Does not require lots of physical exertion
  • You probably won’t get rich off this job, but it’s a lot of fun

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