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Start Automating Your Financial Future After Graduation

1 year and 9 months ago - Admin

If you are a recent college graduate or enrolled in college now, odds are good that right now you are swamped in debt. Hillary Clinton has promised to try and make a push for debt-free college, but we are still quite a ways off from something like that becoming a reality. Between that and low wages and the coming retirement crisis, you may be wondering if you will ever have a nest egg to sit on.

This is a very uncertain time, and you definitely will have to work hard and live very frugally if you want to retire. But thankfully there are a few tools which can help you to save more money and invest profitably while you are still young. One of those is known as a “robo-advisor.”

Robo-Advisors: Your Gateway to Investing In Your Future

If you have never heard of a robo-advisor, you are missing... 


Why You Should Start Planning For Retirement Even In Your First Professional Job

1 year and 9 months ago - Admin

Do you feel a sense of unease in the pit of your stomach when you look at the balance in your savings account? For that matter, do you even have a savings account? What about a retirement account?

If your answer is, “Yes, I do feel uneasy,” and “No, I do not have a retirement account,” you are far from alone. It is very difficult to make ends meet these days. Ever since the recession, it has been hard to come by good money—and a lot of us lost money during those tough years. It does not help that a lot of the problems in our economy which led to the recession still exist, including a huge divide between the wealthy and the poor.

Comparing Where You Stand

Just how bad is the retirement situation in our country? Well, first of all, consider the average American’s net worth. Check out the chart at the link and you will see the average net worth for various age groups. Just so... 


4 Ways a Robo-Advisor Can Help You Succeed After Graduation

1 year and 9 months ago - Admin

If you have recently graduated, you may be looking with some horror at your bank account balance each month. We all head into college dreaming of the big bucks, but all too often we struggle just to earn a minimum wage even with an advanced degree. To add to the challenges, student loan debt is on the rise. In 2014, student loan debt totaled to an average of $28,950 on graduation.

And just how much is the average individual making after graduation? The median annual individual income with a bachelor’s degree is $50,916 for men, and just $31,309 for women. Trying to get by on just around $30,000 a year (or less) is hard enough on its own, but when you add in all that debt, it can feel nigh impossible.

It is no wonder that more and more Millennials are turning to robo-advisors upon graduation. What is a robo-advisor? It is a... 


A New Graduate's Guide To Building A Nest Egg

2 years ago - Admin

If you have recently graduated from university, you may be looking forward with excitement toward a brave new horizon, a world of possibilities opening up before you. But you may also be venturing toward that horizon with more than a few misgivings. In fact, in some cases, you may have nothing but misgivings. A lot of graduates feel like they bought into a bait-and-switch with their educations. They are wading through a swamp of student loan debt and cannot even find a job in their field.

Whatever your situation, whether good or bad, you need to start thinking about retirement. That’s right—you need to be thinking about it now, even if you are also still busy thinking about how you will make it to next month.

So what can you do? Well, if you actually have a good job, there is probably quite a lot you can do. If you... 


A New Graduate's Guide To Your 401(k)

2 years ago - Admin

Unless you are very lucky and you have an employer which offers you a company-backed pension plan, chances are good that you are more or less on your own when it comes to figuring out how to save for your retirement. A lot has changed since your parents’ days.

Nowadays, your company probably offers a 401(k) instead.

What’s the difference between a 401(k) and a pension plan?

  • With a pension plan, the employer assumes the risk of the investment.       You are guaranteed a certain monthly income in your retirement.

  • With a 401(k), you are the one assuming all of the risk on the investment. There are no guarantees whatsoever.

Your employer will make contributions to your plan, so a 401(k) can still pay off handsomely—but only if you make proper use of it. This can be something of a challenge, since 401(k) plans are notoriously convoluted. Many employees make costly mistakes managing... 


5 Hacks For Saving Money When You're A New Graduate

2 years ago - Admin

Remember when you first enrolled in college and you thought that you were facing serious money problems? You worried about how the heck you were going to pay for your education, room and board. But then you found a part-time job on campus and you set up some student loans. Life was tough, but you got by. You at least knew where you were going to sleep every night.

But then you graduated. You thought by now you’d be earning $100,000+ a year and you’d be living the life, but you are actually facing more uncertainty than ever. You are actually making less than $20,000 per year, you are not even working in your field of study, and now you have the weight of your student loan debt crashing down on you like a tidal wave.

Right now, you need all the money saving tips and tricks you can find! Here are a few hacks to help you make ends meet:

==Look into deferring or refinancing your... 


5 New and Alternative Sources of Student Support and Funding

2 years ago - Admin

If you are trying to figure out how you can afford to attend university, you probably are feeling pretty lost and intimidated right now. True, you could use student loans, but student loans have notoriously unfair terms, and defaulting on them can be frightening. Collections fees and interest on student loans often add up to more than the original loan. The government is looking into new and alternative sources of student funding, but it is going to be a while before they’ve got your back. So in the meantime, what can you do to find alternative means to finance your education?

Consider a grant or scholarship

Scholarships and grants are still worth their weight in gold if you can get them. Applying can be pretty overwhelming though. Even though there are hundreds of scholarships you can try for, many... 


5 Free Resources for Help with Your Student Loans

2 years ago - Admin

Drowning under a deluge of student loan debt? Considering that student loan debt is on the rise and the average American student now owes more than $35,000, that is no surprise. It can be bad enough for undergraduates; if you are a graduate student or a dropout, it can be even worse. If you are a dropout, you are not alone—about 41% of those who begin a four-year degree fail to complete it within six years.

Whatever your situation, you may feel like you are at a loss. Looking for some tools to help? Here are some free resources you can turn to.

National Student Loan Data System

Not sure exactly what you owe? That is a common situation, which is why the government provides the National Student Loan Data System, or NSLDS. You can look yourself up in the NSLDS... 


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Test. True, you could use student loans, but student loans have notoriously unfair terms, and defaulting on them can be frightening

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