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Tips for Making Good Grades

Stay Organized

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Before you learn how to make money in college without a job, it is important to focus on getting good grades so you can balance both effectively. The first essential tip for making good grades is to stay organized. Whether you work best with a bullet journal, planner, physical calendar or online calendar, you need to have something where you can list out your assignments, due dates, tests and other school commitments.

Make life easier on yourself and have a system in place to help you keep track of everything for all your classes. That way, you can check your planner every day to make sure you have completed all your tasks due and get started on the ones ahead.

Another great way to stay organized is to invest in an expandable file and labels. All your paperwork for your various classes can be categorized and separated as needed in these handy files and stuck in your laptop bag or backpack to carry with you on the go. If you are balancing a lot of classes at once, one of the best ways to keep your life in order so you can focus on how to make money in college without a job is to create a study schedule. This is besides your calendar or planner. Your study schedule should detail how much time you plan on spending studying for each class and completing assignments.

If you set aside certain windows of time to work on different subjects, this will simplify your life considerably and make it far easier to get everything done on time.

Form Excellent Study Habits

Our next tip for getting good grades so you can proceed with how to make money in college without a job is to form excellent study habits. Everyone has a different learning style, so the way you study best is an individual choice. The best thing to do is identify your learning style, whether you are a visual learner, an auditory learner, etc. You can formulate your study habits and study schedule noted above accordingly.

Always take detailed notes in class so you can refer back to them as you study. Highlighters and colored pens are an eye-catching way to mark key points you need to study for tests and other assignments. Part of forming great study habits is understanding what works and what does not. While sitting staring at a textbook trying to absorb facts may work for some learners, we recommend making yourself a study guide you can review repeatedly.


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For each of your classes, look at your course materials, and note the relevant highlights in your study guide. This makes it easy to review the most pertinent material. Study tools, like flash cards, are especially useful. Try having a friend quiz you from your study guide once you have reviewed it sufficiently to make sure the concepts are cemented in your brain.

Make Assignments a Priority

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If you want to learn how to make money in college without a job without sacrificing quality grades, you need to make assignments a priority. When you receive an assignment, do not delay—until the last minute—to complete it. Otherwise, you will scramble trying to gather everything together, stressing yourself needlessly. When you try to complete assignments in a hurry, it is unlikely you will put in your best work.

Plan, and get assignments done on time. If you do not understand a concept, ask your professor for assistance so you make sure you can complete your assignments correctly. Never be afraid to ask questions and get help if you need it. If you find you get distracted easily when working on assignments, consider studying with your friends and classmates. Not only does this make the homework process more fun, you will have extra accountability.

Make Smart Choices

Our last tip for achieving excellent grades is to make smart choices. What do we mean by this? Make sure you have a balanced course load. Select a range of classes, including core classes and electives, so you are not too overwhelmed at any one time and can complete your assignments without issue. Always show up to class on time so you never have to worry about losing credit for tardiness.

What to Look Out For

Classes Come First

There are a few things to remember when considering how to make money in college without a job. The first thing you need to remember is that your classes always come first. The majority of college students in the USA hold down jobs while completing their education. Understanding how to make money in college without a job and doing side gigs to earn extra income may be essential for your college stay. That said, this should never come at the expense of your classes.

It can be easy to become so focused on making money and working that your schoolwork falls by the wayside. When deciding which route you want to go for how to make money in college without a job, take care not to over-commit. You do not want to make your schedule so full you do not have time to attend class, complete your assignments and get those great grades. Be open and honest with potential employers regarding your school commitments to find that perfect balance between your school and work life.

Run from “Get Rich Quick” Schemes

One essential aspect of how to make money in college without a job is to run from any “get rich quick” schemes. If you surf the web for part-time, gainful employment to bulk your savings, you will probably come across far too many of these suspect job opportunities. They may promise you easy ways to make money on the internet. Some such schemes are nothing more than scams while others will have you earning so little, it is not worth the time. Trust your gut, and you will tell which opportunities are legit and which ones had best be avoided.

Find Ways to Save Money

Another important thing to remember when learning how to make money in college without a job is that you can find other ways to save money. You can buy used textbooks instead of new, purchase clothes on sale or at consignments stores rather than at the mall, get roommates instead of living on your own and buy food in bulk, to name a few ideas.

How to Make Money in College Without a Job

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Research Assistant

Resident Advisor



Resume Writer


Lyft or Uber Driver



Learning how to make money in college without a job is not difficult. It is a matter of drive and determination. Start by curating excellent study habits so you can balance all your commitments effectively. Look out for shady schemes that promise you easy ways to make money. Put your classes first, and look for other ways to save money to supplement your income. Finally, examine all your options for how to make money in college without a job, and decide which one is the best for you. You can even do multiple jobs, so you can earn a steady income while completing your education.

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