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Respiration is one of the essential functions of life. To put it simply, if we cannot breathe, then we cannot live. So what happens when those who have trouble breathing require care? Chances are, a respiratory therapist will treat them at some point. Respiratory therapists are much needed in today’s healthcare industry and are paid an annual salary. In this guide, we will dive much deeper into this career than just the average respiratory therapist salary.

We will be exploring the top 3 current respiratory jobs, the regions with the highest paying respiratory therapist jobs, and how their salary compares to similar medical careers. Before we get into this, however, it’s important to get a bit of background information on the career itself.

What Is a Respiratory Therapist?

man and child respiratory therapist salary

Respiratory therapists (RTs) provide care to patients with heart and lung conditions which cause them to have problems breathing. Conditions that respiratory therapists usually treat include asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, sleep apnea, and cystic fibrosis. In some cases, RTs assist in the treatment of patients suffering from a stroke, heart attack, shock, or drowning.

three man looking at the paper respiratory therapist salary
hands taking blood pressure  respiratory therapist salary
a respiratory therapist and a child in the hospital

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