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Entering the field of music production does not necessarily require a college degree, but many colleges across the county offer bachelor’s and graduate degree programs in music technology or a related field.
The following is a list of the top music production schools:


1 New York University

New York University’s Music Technology program is a top school that readies students for careers in such areas as sound engineering, multimedia production, and audio for games. The highly skilled faculty provide students with an education that incorporates music and technology. The school boast exceptional facilities for students including 10 recording and computer music studios.
Several degree options are available. Students can earn a Bachelor of Music in Music Technology. Those wishing to further their studies can continue on and earn a master’s degree or a PhD in the subject. The department also offers a study abroad program.

2 Georgia State University

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia State’s Recording/Music Production degree is a top program to prepare students for careers in the technical areas of the music industry. There are 40 full time and 30 part time faculty in the School of Music, and students learn the craft of music technology in high tech classrooms and recording studios.
The bachelor’s degree program combines aesthetic and practical training and consists of coursework and an internship prior to graduation.

3 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The undergraduate program in Music Technology at Virginia Tech teaches students the fundamentals of the industry through such courses as Music and Media Production, Audio Technology for Music, and Soundtrack and Effects Composition.
There are two degree options available. One is a 50 hour degree program and the other is a 78 hour program. Musical ability is an imperative part of music technology, so all applicants must audition. The program emphasizes artistic ability in music above technology.

4 Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

The Music Technology Degree at Indiana University-Purdue University, was the first school to offer a bachelor’s degree program consisting entirely of music technology. The campus boasts exceptional music technology facilities and outstanding faculty in the field.
The bachelor’s degree program is 120 hours in length. During the program, students spend the first two years studying music theory, history, keyboard, aural training, and music technology. Students also spend eight hours of the program in music lessons and music ensembles. A Master’s of Science in Music Technology is also offered at the university. This degree requires 30 hours of graduate coursework.

5 Ball State University

Ball State University is one of the best music production schools in the United States. The undergraduate degree in Music Media Production incorporates technology classes with traditional music classes.
During the bachelor’s degree program, students will study recording technology, mixing, music industry, and songwriting. Students can also participate in internships so that they can gain experience in the music industry working alongside professionals.

6 University of Miami

The University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida offers a bachelor’s degree in Media Writing and Production. The variety of the coursework in the program gives students the opportunity to learn about many facets of the industry including the needs of consumers, economics related to production, and the difficulties associated with producing and expanding musical styles.
After satisfying the program’s early requirements, students can engage in projects where they will gain experience in their field of interest. In addition, students can take film scoring classes.

7 Elon University

Elon University located in North Carolina offers prospective students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Production and Recording Arts mentored by faculty who are experts in the field.
This degree is useful for an assortment of career choices in the music technology field since the curriculum teaches students in the areas of liberal arts, music, and technology. Throughout the program, instruction is given to students in subjects such as music theory, physics of sound, and the music business. After completing all core coursework in the program, students choose an area in which to concentrate their studies. The concentrations offered are in Music Production and Recording Arts.

8 Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music in Boston is top music production school. Available on the campus are numerous recording studios that offer students the use of professional equipment so that they may develop skills to become competitive in the music production field.
The degree in Music Production and Engineering focuses on completing recording projects successfully. Throughout the program, students will learn various skills including how to work with others, critical ability, and the ability to adapt to changes in technology.
Students may apply to the program after they have completed their first or second semester at the college.

9 Lebanon Valley College

Lebanon Valley College offers students a program combining general education, music, and recording technology. The Bachelor of Music with Emphasis in Music Recording Technology is a degree that teaches students skills through hands on in experience in one of three studios.
In addition, each year in the program, students take on a different role. In year one, they learn as assistant engineers, then recording engineer in year two, mastering engineer in year three, and composer/designer in year four.
The degree program is designed for students who are trained musicians, and applicants must go through an audition process.

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