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A gunsmithing education involves studying at one of the accredited schools for gunsmithing in the United States. The programs typically offer certification programs or associate degrees, and involve classes that teach students hands on skills in the field. Online gunsmithing schools are also an option for prospective students. Gunsmithing schools generally require prospective students pass a background check.
The following is a list of the most popular gunsmithing schools.


1 Yavapai College

Yavapai College is located in Prescot, Arizona and offers several different options for those wishing to enter the gunsmithing profession. The public college has certificate programs and an associate’s degree in gunsmithing. In order to obtain admission into the program, prospective students must have either prior military service or be at least 21 years of age.
Throughout the programs, students will take a variety of classes in such subjects as stockmaking, rifle theory, and metal refinishing.

2 Piedmont Technical College

Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, South Carolina offers students the option of an advanced certificate program in gunsmithing or a an introductory certificate. The school boasts a 6,000 square foot machine shop where students can train. The program offers day and evening classes.
Students can expect to take classes in such subjects as blueprint reading, gunmetal finishing, and barrel fitting. In order to complete either of the certificate programs, students must complete a final project.

3 Colorado School of Trades

The Colorado School of Trades located in Lakewood, Colorado was established in 1947 and is a highly respected gunsmithing school. The school takes a hands on approach in the instruction of gusmithing, and students learn the trade in the largest gunsmithing shop in the country.
The school offers students an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Gunsmithing. The curriculum consists of learning skills such as general repair, producing competition rifles, and pistolsmithing..The program is 14 months long, and new classes begin the second Monday of each month.

4 Lenoir Community College

Lenoir Community College is located in Kinston, North Carolina, and has three different gunsmithing degree options. During these programs, students will take classes in barrel work, restoration of firearms, and repair work among others. Students learn skills in a hands on atmosphere.
The school offers an Associate in Applied Science degree which consists of 68 hours of coursework. In addition, a basic gunsmithing certificate program is available which is 14 hours and an advanced certificate program which is an additional 12 hours.

5 Montgomery Community College

Montgomery Community College located in Troy, North Carolina gives students the choice of degree, diploma, or certificate programs. Classes are held during the day, and weekend programs are also available.
Students will spend much of their time learning in a hands on environment. Throughout the program, students will obtain skills in areas such as metal finishing and refinishing, stock making and finishing, laws and regulations.

6 Murray State College

Murray State College is located Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The school offers a two year program in gunsmithing that was established in 1979. Only 20 students are accepted to the gunsmithing program each April, and they must submit transcripts, pass a background check, participate in an interview, and submit an application by February 15th.
The Associate in Applied Science program in Gunsmithing involves general education classes and 46 hours of gunsmithing required courses. Students also learn the trade by taking field trips and attending gunsmithing conferences.

7 Piedmont Community College

Piedmont Community College in Roxboro, North Carolina offers students a program in gunsmithing that requires 66 hours of coursework to complete. The program involves general education classes and gunsmithing courses.
Students gain knowledge in areas such as restoration of firearms, barrel work, and stock making. In addition, skills are obtained through hands on work in gunsmithing. After completing all coursework, students will be awarded a certificate in gunsmithing and should be capable of accomplishing general gunsmithing duties.

8 Pine Technical College

Pine Technical College, located in Pine City, Minnesota, offers a Firearms Technician Certificate which trains students to work in gun sales at retail stores. After completing this program, students can then take additional classes to receive a Gunsmithing and Firearms Technician Apprentice Certificate, and then a Gunsmithing and Firearms Technician Journeymen Diploma which is an additional 36 credit hours.
In order to enter the programs, students must pass a criminal background check. Students must also obtain various tools used in the gunsmithing trade.

9 Trinidad State Junior College

Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad, Colorado is home to the oldest gunsmithing program in the country, established in 1947. The courses offered at the school teach students the gunsmithing trade in addition to hands on experience in the field.
The school has two different programs. The Associate in Applied Science in Gunsmithing is a degree program that requires 73 credit hours to complete. The Gunsmithing Certificate program requires 58 credit hours. All students must pass a criminal background check.

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