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Everything You Need To Understand About ACLS Recertification

Before you joined the medical world, you heard of the acronym ACLS. Out of curiosity, you conducted a research and discovered that those four letters stand for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. But that was then. Today, you are a qualified medical practitioner and have an ACLS certificate. You are proud that you passed the feared ACLS exam. However, you are worried about ACLS recertification. You don’t know much about recertification, and this is worrying you. What should you do? These frequently asked questions will help you understand what ACLS recertification is, why you need it, why you should go for online recertification course and what to look for when choosing an online re-certification program.
This piece will answer the following questions:

  • Why should you recertify?
  • What are your options for recertifying?
  • What should you do if your certificate expires?
  • Your certificate will expire soon what should you do?
  • What are the benefits of taking an online recertification course?
  • What should you look for when choosing an online re-certification program?

Why Should You Recertify?

An ACLS certificate expires after two years. Why should you go for recertification? Here are the reasons:

  • To have an official card that verifies that you have the experience needed to handle emergency situations.
  • To ensure you are up to date with new technologies and procedures that promise to improve ACLS.
  • With it, patients are likely to trust you more.

What Are Your Options For Recertifying?

There are two options available for you when it comes to recertifying. These options include:

  • Classroom-based recertification
  • Online recertification

Which option suits you? Most healthcare professionals go for online certificate programs because they are more conducive to their tight schedules.

What Should You Do If Your Certificate Expires?

Two years ago, you spent hours reviewing case scenarios, memorizing algorithms, studying medication and doses, undertaking ACLS practice test, learning your H’s and T’s and reviewing ACLS pretest answers to ensure you passed your ACLS exam. Your preparation helped you achieve your ACLS Certification. Unfortunately, life got busy, you lost track of time, and your certificate expired. Now what? While it’s always advisable to recertify before the expiration date, getting reinstated isn’t such a deal.
Even if your certificate has already expired, the good news is that you are still eligible to take a recertification course. Going for a recertification course is much easier and relatively inexpensive than starting your ACLS course from scratch. The amount of time that has passed since your ACLS card expired should not be a factor. However, not all ACLS providers have this policy. It, therefore, essential to ensure you check with your ACLS provider to make sure your recertification will be valid.

Your Certificate Will Expire Soon. What Should You Do?

If your ACLS card is still valid but will expire soon, it’s always better to ensure you recertify before the expiry date to avoid a lapse in certification. The great news is that there are numerous ACLS online classes where you can enroll, undertake and complete coursework, and take your recertification exam when you are ready.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking An Online Recertification Course?

Online re-certification courses show how the medical world is migrating towards a field that is more dependent on technology. Traditionally, recertification courses have been classroom-based courses that required test-takers to take their exams in-person at a predetermined time and location. Today, however, you can take your recertification course online. Here are the three major benefits of getting your recertification online.

  • Convenience- As a medical practitioner, you are always busy and hardly get free time. It’s, therefore, essential to ensure you use the little time you get away from the hospital or office efficiently. Taking your re-certification course online, rather than attending offline classes, is one way to ensure you use your time wisely. Don’t waste your time trying to fit your schedule around a classroom-based recertification course. Go for the ACLS certification online, which is more convenient.
  • Flexibility- If you go for a classroom-based recertification course you will be forced to accommodate differing learning styles and paces that may not work for you. By getting recertification online, however, you don’t have to worry about that. Online recertification classes provide you with everything you need and an unlimited time to study and memorize until you are confident enough to take your exam.
  • Cost- There are varying prices for online recertification classes depending on the ACLS provider. Fortunately, all of them are relatively inexpensive when compared to classroom-based recertification courses.

Read more about how to get your ACLS certification online.

What Should You Consider When Choosing An Online Re-certification Program?

The advantages of online recertification program are numerous, from convenience and cost-effectiveness to flexibility. However, you should be careful when enrolling in an online course. Here are the three key things you should look for when choosing an online certification program.

  • Accreditation- Before you choose online certifications, ensure that the program is accredited and contact the accrediting agency to verify this information. Accrediting agencies are always happy to approve legitimate programs. If you receive an ACLS card from a school with no accreditation, you will find yourself with a worthless certificate that may ruin your career.
  • The school should be near you- You need to ensure the school that is offering you the online recertification program is near your place of residence, so you can easily visit the school in-person in case something goes wrong. Just search “ACLS classes near me” to get an ACLS school near your home.
  • Experience- How long has the school been teaching ACLS? If the school has been teaching ACLS for several years, it’s a clear sign that they have the experience needed.
  • Reputation- Ensure you look for a reputable school. Ask your friends and colleagues if they have heard of the online program before you enroll.
  • Cost- You should go for a program that charges a reasonable fee. However, avoid the cheap recertification programs because most of them are scams and want to steal your hard-earned money.

What Strategy Should You Follow To Pass Your Re-certification Exam?

After you have identified a good online certification program, the next step is to find an ACLS study guide and strategy that will help you pass your exam. More importantly, go for an ACLS study guide that matches your course and learning techniques. Read about ACLS Certification Institute here.

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