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Welcome to WikiProfessional.org - a collaboratively edited career resource. This wiki is in development through the collaborative efforts of students, volunteers, and professionals.

The goal of this collaboration is to create a comprehensive resource to help support anyone looking to pursue a new (or their first) career path. Eventually, we hope to have a fully fleshed out resource that helps the student/job seeker through the various phrases of the career hunt:

  • Identifying potential career paths
  • Exploring educational options
  • Researching different fields and industries
  • Finding job opportunities and preparing for interviews

Getting started

Below you'll find resources to help you quest for your dream career - no matter where you are on your career path.

  • Careers A-Z - A comprehensive glossary of careers
  • Salary Database - A database of salary data pulled from public sources
  • Education - Ranking data to help you choose the right post-secondary institution

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